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Travels in Kos

Kos is one of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, situated a stones throw from the Turkish coast in the Aegean Sea. Best known for it’s sandy beaches, I half expected Kos to be a trashy British holiday destination. I was pleasantly surprised when my first observations were not English breakfast bars and drunken tourists, but instead remote churches and roadside fruit stalls.

Ricky Richards
Travels in Barcelona

Our temporary home overlooked a square surrounded by casual coffee shops and bars filled with local people. The walls of the room were a deep blue, which contrasted nicely with the golden sheets that cascaded from the ceiling, causing a softened light, made all the more beautiful by the shadows cast by the well positioned pot plant.

Ricky Richards
Travels in Rome

As my first experiment in working while traveling, I decided to visit Rome. I also brought along my girlfriend in order to celebrate her birthday, which happens to fall alongside mine at the start of September. I booked a room in an apartment overlooking Piazza Del Polpo, the northern most part of Rome’s city centre.

Ricky Richards