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01 - Subject - TT- Are Women Good Drivers

Movement: I was told I kicked my leg back and I have a strange nervous rocking. I looked down when I was trying to gather my thoughts.
Nervousness: Tension in my cheeks and speaking very fast.
Addressing The Room: I addressed the room okay though I didn't create eye contact.
Gesturing: My gestures feel relatively natural though I didn't emphasize my points to coincide with my movements and tonality of voice.
Tonality: Very monotone
Pace: Way too fast, need to slow down and give myself time to gather my thoughts.
Filler Words: I said er (15 times) and you know (2 times)
Cohesiveness: My speech had very little to do with my topic, and there's a sloppy transition towards the end that somehow worked.
Finish: Finished well, addressing the point. 
Secret Word: Blunder, fit it in well.
Other Comments: Maybe try and do a rhetorical question next time, slow down to try and reduce the errs. Reduce my rocking, instead walk in the space, maybe be a bit more animated with my full body.