Podcast 1 Year Celebration


Hey everyone,

I'm holding a very special 2 hour event on the 20th of November, from 7 – 9pm to celebrate 1 year of the podcast. We’ve got some incredible speakers coming along to talk about 'The Past & Future' expect to find out what’s to come in the world of technology and creativity as well as what we should be holding onto from the past. Speakers Include:

1. Charlotte Austin – Behavioural psychologist & executive coach
2. Carson Brown – Design engineer of Uniwheel
3. Jessica Bradley – Art director at Scientific Storytellers
4. Simon Gosling – Futurist at Unruly
5. Kirk Truman – Editor of Journal magazine
6. Jack Du Rose – Crypto currency entrepreneur
7. Melanie Mercier – Founder of Nattr and Loop
8. Rhys Chapman – Film maker & gay rights activist
9. Dom McKenzie – Illustrator for the Guardian and New York Times
10. Henry Stuart – CEO of Visualise VR

The event is being held at a very swanky venue in London, TheHotel, Holborn, in an intimate room of just 70 people. The tickets will go fast!

The bonkers news, it’s completely free to attend. These are people whose day rates would break the bank to learn from in a professional capacity, but through the show we’ve managed to get them all together to share some wisdom and celebrate the positive effects the show has had. 

I can’t wait, and I look forward to seeing some of the listeners there and hearing first hand what you think of the show.


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Ricky Richards