What's Your Obsession?


A friend recently asked me, ‘do you do anything else but work?’
I took a second to think about it…
'It depends how you view work. The aspiration should be that work is life, that what you pursue is also what you enjoy doing most, right?'
It was a good question. It made me think.
We’ve all heard people say ‘follow your passion’ but is that good advice?
I’m passionate about a lot of things. Sex, food, friends, podcasts, films, Sci-fi novels, fashion, minimalism, coffee, basketball, cycling, deep conversation and visiting new places etc.
So now what? If you follow your passions, you’re just as muddled as ever. Much better advice, is to follow your obsession, the one thing you would sacrifice even your passions for.
For me, that thing is creative freedom.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stuck a cheap pizza in the oven, missed out on a holiday or blown off meeting a friend because of something I have to get finished.
I've also met so many people who say they’re pursuing their passion, yet I never see them doing it on the weekend, in their own time, when no one is expecting them to perform.

I think that’s how you separate the good from the great.
Good people let their passions distract.
Great people find ways to make their passions supplement their obsession.

What would you do past the age or retirement?
What do you want to be remembered for?
What would you spend your time doing, if you won the lottery?
What’s your obsession? 

Ricky Richards