Deal Flow


Explained: Deal flow is one's ability to become so well known or influential in a given industry, that it provides early access to a market, therefore enabling said individual or business to capitalise on the best deals. The premise is that by cultivating your brand and expertise within a given vertical, this will increase your deal flow among that tribe.


  1. Jason Calacanis - Notable venture capitalist who runs this week in start ups and founders fund. Both initiatives elevate Jason's stature to entrepreneurs and hence, increase his deal flow among early stage start ups.
  2. Graham Fink - Got out work with me and with Johnathan Mac. He set up the Fink Tank initiative to try spot emerging talent.
  3. The Jolt Program - As much as it's about gender diversity, they're initiative is so good, that it's giving them the pick of the crop of which a % will convert, and that relationship is cemented for when they rise up the ladder.

Origin: Jason Calacanis on this week in start ups.

Ricky Richards