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Ricky Richards Represents is a UK & London based podcast that interviews the leading figures of creativity and innovation. The podcast is a long format interview show hosted by Designer & Creative Director, Ricky Richards.

Ricky Richards Represents is the podcast where I talk to the leading figures of creativity and innovation. I've welcomed guests like Tim Lindsay, The CEO of D&AD, David Pugh Jones, the ex strategy director at Buzzfeed and Jeremy Leslie, founder of Mag Culture. You can subscribe to the show via Itunes and Stitcher, see the lineup or find out more by downloading this PDF overview. If you have a suggested guest please email

Episode 23: In this episode I discuss the question...What is advertising? I go through five guiding steps of effective advertising along accompanied with examples.

Episode 22: In this short episode of the podcast, I discuss the effects of creative anxiety and pose a few suggestions for how people may be able to overcome this crippling problem. 

Episode 21: In this episode I attempt to shed light on 10 personal, less conventional, tips that I use to keep my level of happiness consistent. 

Episode 20: In this episode I talk through a strategy I've formulated called the three P's, which I believe, can result in a rich and prosperous life.

Episode 19: The Influence of Inputs: I share my theory regarding the importance of choosing our sources of input, and why it's important for our personal development.

Episode 18: Piet Grobler is a South African Picture Book Illustrator who has published 80 plus children's books. Piet talks about how to get published as a budding Illustrator.

Episode 17: Edward Turner is an online marketer working in the travel industry. We have too many drinks and discuss topics ranging from Space X through to organ donation.

Episode 16: Butch & Hall are an advertising creative team based in London. We discuss their series of satire videos created on the build up to the Trump election.

Episode 15: David Pugh Jones is the Brand Strategy Director at The Smalls and ex Strategy Director at Buzzed & Microsoft. We discuss the digital media landscape and online content. 

Episode 14: After spending years working on projects I should have never undertaken, I discuss my approach to choosing which work to take on based on my long term goals.

Episode 13: Jess & Geneva are two attendees of my advertising workshop. They offer some advice for finding a job and discuss how they applied the principles they learnt on the day.

Episode 12: In this episode I pose the question: How do we come up with ideas? And how might we improve our ability to have ideas of novelty. 

Episode 11: Jeremy Leslie is a writer, designer and founder of the independent magazine store - Magculture. He offers his advice for working in independent publishing.

Episode 10: Harry Fricker is a creative director, designer and traveler influencer. We talk about how he established himself and carved out a lifestyle of work and travel.

Episode 9: Justin Poulter is a South African Illustrator and Lettering Artist Based in London. We talk about his creative approach and how he was able to get representation. 

Episode 8: I play a snippet from an hour long audiobook I created about my journey into solopreneurship and offer suggestions for the best ways to position yourself online.

Episode 7: In this episode I talk about the five levels of asset generation, and how these cam be implemented over time, to help you live a life free from the constraints of employment.

Episode 6: Jack Du Rose is the CEO of Colony, an Ethereum based technology that is looking to exploit the benefits of blockchain technology. We discuss everything blockchain related.

Episode 5: Edmund Fraser is an experimental photographer behind numerous campaigns including Vice & Adidas amount others. We discuss emerging tech & his education at Eton.

Episode 4: Tim Jarvis is a designer and CEO of Fabrik creative platform. We discuss how the platform came to be, his role within the company and his approach for growing the network.

Episode 3: Carson Brown is the design engineer behind the personal transportation company Uniwheel. We discuss turning the brand into a mass market product.

Episode 2: Rhys Chapman is the Director & Activist behind the hugely successful short film, Wonderkid. Which follows a gay football player who is unable to express his sexuality.