10 Items I Take With Me Everywhere.

Got up on schedule and smashed the gym this morning. Then I started packing my bag and I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to share my daily essentials. I took this picture in terrible lighting and the camera on the iphone 5 is shite so sorry about that.

 Have I just made myself a target of crime?

Have I just made myself a target of crime?

1.     Moleskin sketchbook - I go through about one every two months and I keep all my concepts and notes in them. Unlike some people who have beautifully illustrated ones, mine look they were written by a blind man. (PRODUCT LINK)

2.     Porche/Lacie 3.0 Dard Drive – Lacie do great hard drives and this one was cheaper and better looking than the orange rimmed ones everyone else has. (PRODUCT LINK)

3.     iPhone stand - For when I want to do a video or book review on the fly. (PRODUCT LINK)

4.     Wacom Tablet – I much prefer tablets to a mouse and they are essential in my opinion for doing good work on Photoshop and illustrator. (PRODUCT LINK)

5.     Mac pro with 16 GB RAM - I've had it for two years and I’m never off it and it still runs perfectly. I would add a buy link, but always make sure to check the buying guide on mac rumours first: (BUYING GUIDE)

6.     Paul Smith reading/computer glasses -  Got some anti glare and blue tint on these so I don’t send my corneas to hell when I’m in the zone.

7.     Philips Fidelio L2 – These are my pride and joy. I very rarely listen to music on them, (because listening to music is generally a waste of time) but I do listen to podcasts constantly so these keep my ears cosy and in my own little bubble without outside distraction. (PRODUCT LINK)

8.     Grams28 iphone case / wallet.  Why we still have paper money is a mystery, I never carry cash, only card and even that is inconvenient. (PRODUCT LINK)

9.     Railcard-  because if I don’t carry it, ill inevitably forget it, then I get fucked by the rail network.

10. Personalised business card holder -  bought for me by Natasha, it says, 'Together we can take on the world' something that I said to her that she liked. 

I got half way to work and I realised that I’d left my pre- prepped lunch-boxes in the fridge. So I ended up eating a full English at Café 1001 this morning. I’m not going to pretend I was that devastated. I figured, it was post gym and a 30-minute cycle so my body would just churn through it anyway.

 Well there is some greens on there.

Well there is some greens on there.

At work today I was busting out loads of ideas for Pedigree Chum. Most of my inspiration came from looking at dogs on Instagram. It gives you a real insight into people’s love of their pets and the kinds of things people like seeing. I’m having a review either tomorrow or Wednesday that I’m looking forward to. I’m also working on some promotional ideas for the studio, to try and get us some press.

I’d like to find a way to utilise Jose A. Garrido, who is the illustrator I work with. His work is incredible. I’m keen to chuck some concepts his way and see what beautiful work he manifests. This is just a taster, but he's done hundreds of pieces.

Finally I had to upgrade my site today because I went over the 20-page mark. That now means I’ve got infinite pages to play with so I think I’m going to create some interesting hidden parts of the site including a scamp blog to store all my ideas among other things.

Not much happening this evening, I’m finishing some bits on a friends website and then I’ve got to start prepping for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be more fun. I’m meeting the girls from Nattr appan app mainly for helping people to chat people up on Tindr. I'm help them brainstorm some ideas because clearly I'm an expert....


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