Today I Visited Google

I’ve been a bit quite over the last few days. I was working on the personal branding course over the weekend. I managed to get another big chunk completed and it’s getting close to completion now. I’m heading home to see Natasha at the weekend and I have a 6-hour coach journey back to Devon that I Intend to utilise to get the first draft finished. I would like to send it to a few trusted individuals to get their opinion before working up a second draft. Hopefully it will be ready to shoot before the end of the month.

Yesterday I had a FOBI session. FIve people were due to attend and only one turned up. Thankfully that one person was great. She’s called Alexi Harrison and she works as an events manager. She came to the event to get some tips about how to push her brand (Black Daisy Events) and attract some new business. It was clear that she knew her stuff and other than being a bit more forward about sending introductions to companies she seemed in okay stead. Her website featured some impressive events, but it didn’t say much about the choices she made and why they were the best option for the client. I think with a few tweaks she’ll be on track as she’s clearly a very personable individual so I can't see her struggling with clients. She’s offered very kindly to help me source a venue for the FOBI event at the end of September. I will 100% be taking her up on that offer.

She also mentioned that she had just completed a personal training course and was looking into doing that on the side. I’m really interested in fitness myself so I’ve suggested we work on a project together. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll share more at a later date if we make progress.

Today at work we’ve been trying to identify up and coming films to design alternative posters for. We’re putting together a poster portfolio so we can pitch on some film and activation projects. We’ve got a meeting booked at a huge production company next week to show off our work and hopefully get in on the pitch list.

I also went to visit Janay Sor over at Google to show off some of my work and find out about Google Creative Labs. She is a really lovely lady and was very articulate in describing the role of Creative Labs in Google’s overall ecosystem. We went through some of my work and she seemed interested in what I’d created. She found Siteshare particularly interesting.

I’d explained prior to attending that I was sorted for work with Happy Ending and my impending course. She asked me out of politeness if I was looking for any work but I assured her that I was in a good place and we’ve agreed to stay in touch to see if we might be able to collaborate externally in the mean time. It’s nice to finally meet her face to face and who knows what opportunities the future may bring. I wanted to get some snaps of the offices but I was warned upon entry not to take photos. Overall it was a great experience to meet Janay and hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the years to come.


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