Ref1: Sniffing Bath Salts.

Note* I’m publishing this on Wednesday but it refers to Tuesday.

I didn’t cycle to work this morning because I’m heading to Nattr’s offices this evening and I don’t want to arrive a sweaty mess. The good thing about starting work at 10 is I miss the morning rush. I used the bus an an opportunity to listen to Pascal Finette on Mixergy talking about his failed E-card company during the Internet bust. It wasn’t the most enlightening interview but it turns out that he now works at Singularity University. SU is an institution that aims to educate people on the technologies that have an exponential growth curve. I have mentioned this before in a previous book review….

If you’re into tech and innovation It’s a really interesting program and I expect I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on the site when I start my innovation management course in September.

Most of my time at work today was spent researching dogs again. I tried my best to avoid the black hole of Youtube. One of the most interesting things I found was that dogs can sniff out certain types of cancer. Turns out that there is also an emerging trend called Doga, where people perform yoga with their dogs. From looking at the reviews it strikes me as incredibly impractical, neither benefiting the owner or the dog in any significant way.

 The dog in the middle sums it up.

The dog in the middle sums it up.

One little side tangent I went on was thinking about what Pedigree Chum’s brand ambassador would look like if they had one. I’ve always found the John Mcafee and K-Swiss Kenny Powers stuff to be brave and funny. I feel like the dog food market has a comical side to it that hasn’t been played with enough. This is obviously a bit too far to show a client as inspiration on your first client meeting. Can you imagine… if you’ll just refer to reference one… a man sniffing bath salts. That wouldn’t go down so well.

Note* If you’re not aware of John Mcafee, he’s well worth researching. That is actually him in the video, he’s a security expert and very controversial character who has some really interesting opinions about all kinds of web related stuff.

After work I had intended to go to Notting Hill to Nattr’s investor offices but the guys we were due to meet wanted to convene in central so we went to the Porterhouse in Covent Garden instead. Turns out the two guys were also ad creatives, one worked at Ogilvy and the Other CP+B.

 The Porterhouse Covent Garden - The venue for our agency round table.

The Porterhouse Covent Garden - The venue for our agency round table.


I knew as soon as I got there that my four days of teetotal were soon to be challenged. I was weak and gave up right away ordering a larger shandy with a dash of lime, as though that somehow made it better. This was a proper pub and when my drink arrived it came with a straw as if to suggest my shandy was a soft drink.

It was a great night, the girls ordered us food and the drinks kept coming as we brainstormed ideas for the ways Nattr could get loads of attention on a shoestring. We were using the 2014 Paddy Power rainforest stunt as an example. I was told that it got something crazy like 35 million in ad exposure from an image created for nearly £0.

It’s times like this when I actually really enjoy advertising. Sitting around a table with 4 cool people, spitballing ideas and going off on funny tangents while discussing the amusing truths of human behavior. By the end of the night, after blurting out any random ideas that popped into our heads, we’d jotted down the base for several concepts to be expanded upon. Some of which I felt had real potential because they played on the subtle truths that all of us could relate to. Inspired by the Paddy Power piece, we also had some starting points for semi controvercial ideas, where you hope a modest media spend will be boosted by all the razzmatazz that it sparks as a result. Nothing was fleshed out but there was plenty to think about. I’ll be sure to share any of the work that they create as a result. For now though I’ll keep stum incase I give anything away.

When I got home it was nearly midnight, two hours after my scheduled bedtime. I also have a real problem sleeping after I’ve had a drink. I either have to drink enough that I pass out, or not at all. Anything in-between and my mind doesn’t want to shut off. Aided by the fact I had pedigree chum and Nattr ideas floating around my head, I spent all night tossing and turning having random ideas.

One idea that came to me was the fact dogs are from all over the world, and often have area related names such as ‘French Bulldog’ so I was thinking we could probably make some pretty funny ads taking inspiration from the… an englishman, and irishman and a frenchman walk into a bar jokes etc. Not that this is even remotely a good idea. But it just goes to show the kind of shit that flys around my brain at 4 in the morning. 

This might sound good if it’s your job to have ideas but as any ad person will tell you, having the ideas isn’t the hard part. It’s selling them in. And with a grand total of 0 hours sleep last night, I’m going to be about as charismatic as a snorlax tomorrow.

As I’m typing this I’m having to re read it several times because my brain and fingers are no longer working in sync. So all in all, today has been interesting. This post was half constructed on Tuesday and finished on Wednesday. As mentioned above, I got 0 hours sleep last night so I'm considering this a double post. When I'm tired I'm more inclined to binge and I've just polished off nearly a whole pack of digestive biscuits. I now feel really ill, and think it's time I caught up on sleep. I'll be back in the game tomorrow!


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