Higher Level Poker Tips

I picked up these poker tips after watching Tim Ferris Poker experiment. I'm writing them down in a journal entry so that I can reference them in the future.

5% Hands - AA KK QQ AK(s) 
10% Hands - Pairs6+ AJ(s) AQ(s) AK(u) AQ(u)
15% Hands - A7+(s) AJ(u)
20% Hands - Pair 2-5 A7-10(u)

If someone raises, you should only be playing the 10% hands.

When your drawing to win, work out how many cards you have out on and times that by x4 on the turn and 2 on the river. Only make the call at 4-1 or better.

Primary advice is to have selective aggression. Show aggression when...

  • Good Position
  • First to bet
  • If someone shows weakness

you should only be playing 30 of 100 hands.
Call is normally the worst option, you should have a raise or fold mentality, be selectively aggressive.

If you re the first player to voluntarily commit chips to the pot, you should always raise, never limp.

Don't look for tells, look for pattern recognition and pick on the weakest players on the table.

When in good position, don't be afraid to raise 3 times the big blind.
pro players steal the blinds with their aggression.

On the flop, a good bet is half the pot, if you maintain this pattern it's hard to predict you as your betting pattern is consistent.

Never defend the blinds if someone raises unless you have fantastic cards.

Don't watch the flop, watch other players reaction to the flop. If players look down and then away confidently, it's normally because they've got something good.

Only look at your cards when it's your turn to at because if you don't no your cards then neither does your opponent. Always look at your cards for the same period of time.

If your dealer and you raise and someone else calls, and then after the flop they check, they've shown weakness twice so you should bet half the pot in order to make them fold.

If you flop something, you should try and at least see the turn card.

Heads Up Play

If you both have over 20% of big blinds then it's business as usual.

If you're dealer, raise with 80% of your hands, only don't with the worst of the worst.

If BB top 15% of hands re raise.

To throw opponent off sometimes, play suited connectors as big hands.

If below 20 big blinds

Dealer - Raise 2X with 70% of good cards.
If BB - All in on any top 20% hand or fold

BB - Default, look at flop and check
D - If opponent checks, bet.

With experienced players you have to make it expensive to see the flop 4X big Blind.




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