Never Say No To Google

Today was a good day. Also arguably my last day of freedom for the next two years, but hey! I'm looking forward to it.

I met up with Conor this morning at LePain at London Bridge, after our failed attempt yesterday. We talked about some of our latest projects and what our plans are moving forward. I was supposed to be meeting Nick Bailey, the CEO of Isobar, this evening. I was getting the lowdown on Superhoop's twitter integration. Making sure I had my facts straight for meeting Nick.

Nick ended up rescheduling the meeting to the 10th of August. I tell you this as I sit here in my neatly pressed shirt ready to go. Never mind.

The highlight of the day though occurred after leaving Conor. I got an email from Janay over at Google Creative Labs. She got in touch to see if I wanted to come in for her to check out my portfolio. Having just accepted a job yesterday, my instant reaction was..... typical! You look for opportunities everywhere, and then they come all at once. How can I possibly say no to Google! 

I half imagined I was in a Panda cheese commercial and that my saying no would doom my career forever...

Thankfully though I spoke with Janay and they didn't have any positions open anyway. It was more a case of meeting me and seeing what I do, to maybe consider me in the future. This I can do, so I'm meeting her in a few weeks.

Prior to finding that out, I did panic slightly when I emailed back and my iphone's auto correct had messed up my message. I was too busy removing the 'sent from an iPhone' message at the bottom, thinking that they might discover I'm not on Android and instantly dismiss me, that I failed to review my message. Error.

But thankfully she was really nice and we've managed to arrange a meeting. I'm looking forward to getting to know her and sharing some of my ideas. 

That's it for today. Natasha is cooking me a special dinner apparently. Very excited.

PS. I asked Natasha to read this before I posted it. She told me I had spelt 'hear' wrong again. It's here. I asked how I could possibly remember and she said, hear, as in listening, has 'ear' in it. Smart ay... you learn something new every day. My english teacher never taught me that :)

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