My First Journal Post

I've decided I'm going to include a journal on my site, mainly to improve SEO, but also to provide some kind of cathartic release at the end of each day where I can quickly share what I'm working on and what i'm learning.

Today has been an eventful day, I've been offered a job working for a small design firm in Shoreditch called 'Happy Ending'. The work they produce is fantastic and I really like what the founder is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, I've also been offered a scholarship to study Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in September and I'm currently weighing up if to get a full time job, or continue in education. I asked if there was any way that I could work part time while studying and he's said he's going to think about it and get back to me tomorrow. 

 D&AD - Happy Ending Poster Design.

D&AD - Happy Ending Poster Design.

Work wise I'm currently helping a friend get a website online. It's taking ages but I promised I'd help so I'm seeing it through. I'm also working on polishing off a pitch deck for an idea I had a few months ago called Siteshare. I'd like to get it in front of a few developers and investors to see what they think. More than anything I want to do it because I feel there is a lot to learn from the venture capital world. If it's their job to asses companies and make sensible bets, learning what they look for is surely of value when considering what to build.

I created this blog post from the research I've conducted so far, I'll continue to add to it but it outlines some of the key considerations investors look for when backing a start up: What Investors Look For In Start Ups

From studying marketing and tech I feel I've learned a tonne about what can be considered a good business. A few years ago I told one of my best friends that opening a gym in Braunton, (where I'm from) was a good idea. I've since come to realise how bad that advice was. A static business with limited opportunity to scale. Having said that, I feel the experiences he's gone through as a result of opening the business have been positive regardless of whether it grows or not. There are certainty things he could be doing to make it grow faster and to improve the brand, but I think he'd be better off putting his focus elsewhere which is what he's doing.

I've also uploaded a couple of book reviews to my blog today. I really want to up the quality of the videos I put out, but It's quite difficult. I might get in contact with a production company in London and see if I can strike some kind of deal where I promote their studio in return for production space. Do you know of any? If so, get in touch. 

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