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I haven’t posted in my journal for a few days. I’ve told myself that I’m not going to put loads of time in them until I’ve finished my branding course because I need the time to finish it. That being said, a bunch of cool stuff has happened over the last few days so I thought I’d just check in.

The first bit of good news is we won the pitch to work on The Idle Man TV Idents. The turnaround on the production is extremely tight, which is really nice. I don’t mind working hard if it means the work gets created. In advertising you often slog your guts out for 6 months and then your idea still gets killed so this is quite refreshing. We’ve been doing test shoots using the office camera and we’ve got a meeting with the client on Monday to get them approved.

I’ve also been responsible for finding a DoP for the shoot. We’re spending a considerable amount of the budget on a really good DoP because that should be the hidden ingredient that will make this an incredible piece of work.

I’ve been using LUX and Vision. The talent is incredible. To direct on a shoot with such an experienced DoP will be very exciting. If you are not familiar with the film process, the DoP is by far the most underrated person on a set. In many cases I think they outweigh the director in making the piece great.

The other news is that I’ve managed to secure the Trampery building to hold events for forthcoming FOBI Sessions. They initially quoted £3000 for the space, but after myself, Ross and Alexi went in to meet them they agreed to let us have the first one for next to nothing in order to get the event of the ground. I’m now using this weekend to put together a proposal and ideas for ways I can build the group. I want to turn it into a really high-level networking group. So I’m planning out strategies to make it exclusive and get word of mouth spreading. I’ve had a few ideas that I’ll outline when I get the go ahead from the Trampery.

Outside of work, I went to go and watch Inside Out last night with my Friend Dom. The film was brilliant. The concept was very imaginative, although it has to be said that the undertones are quite dark. Pixar was up to their old tricks again. The takeaway is you have to be tall, thin and beautiful to be joyous. And if you’re short and fat you’ll be Sad. I also liked the green one, which basically depicts the girls who aren’t quite attractive enough to be popular, and therefore just become spiteful instead. And then of course there is the message that you should do everything you can to emulate those in control. Obviously you can read into these things any way you want but overall it was an enjoyable film and it definitely pulled your heart strings at times.

Tonight I’m meeting Dom again to go and watch U.N.C.L.E which I’ve been told is the new guy Richie movie. I haven’t seen the trailer so hopefully it will be good. Also, the sun is shining in London today, so we’re going to grab a drink on the roof terrace before we go in. Should be fun!

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