A Question From A student

Today I've been working on the wring for an audiobook I'm recording new week. I also answered a few questions from a student who got in touch from the talk I gave at the Leeds collage of Art a few weeks ago. I thought I'd share the responses.


1.How did you start out your career in advertising, and how did you get to where you are today?
I started off as a designer. I had no idea what an Art Director was at first, but when I found out I studied every awards annual I could. Worked out the formula that did well at award shows. I then came up with a bunch of Ideas that I sent to Graham Fink at Ogilvy, one of which he sold to Coke and it won a Clio award, that pretty much gave me a good story and in at most of the agencies I wanted to work at. Since then I've just hustled. I wasn't a big fan of the big agencies, they work you like a dog and you rarely get work out. So I jumped ship and now I work at a smaller agency where i produce work all the time. It's much more exciting.

2.What tasks do you perform in your role as Creative Director?
I'm a bit of a fake CD really. There's not that many of us in the office. So I still do a lot of hands on work and pitching. CD is my aspiration, but there are plenty more people who do more CD like things than me.

3.How do you manage creative teams?
We don't have any creative teams in our office. Personally I don't really believe in them. I think people should be able to partner with people on a job by job basis, based on their skills and interests that work for the project. The idea that two people's career be intrinsically linked, in todays world where you can work in London one week and New York the next, is a bit mental in my opinion. But there you go, that's the industry. I worked in a team once, hated it.

4.What is your approach to getting the best out of creatives?
Find them work they want to do, people can only stick at doing shit they don't care about for so long. 

5.What advice would you give to a recent graduate?
I guess you mean to get a job. In which case. I'd say... Imagine I was holding a gun to your moms head, and if you didn't get a job by tomorrow I'd shoot. I think you'd do things differently. Too many graduates think the world comes to them, you have to go to it. To quote a lyric from The Streets: 'I aint helping you climb the ladder, I'm too busy climbing mine, that's how it's been since the dawn of time.' We're all in our own bubbles Bethany, if you want to get noticed you've gotta burst a few.

Well done for reaching out. 

Have a great day.


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