Angry Lounging Man With One Hand.

Last night I fell asleep at 8 o’clock and didn’t wake until 5:30. It’s probably the longest sleep I’ve had all year. When I got back from Devon I was exhausted and it was much needed. I had a great session at the gym this morning as a result. My arms have been in a state of spasm all day.

I was due to meet Nick Baily this evening (CEO of Isobar) so I made sure to wear a shirt and I caught a bus so I wasn’t sweaty. But he cancelled once again.

I also spoke to Ed to get an update on the Superhoop project. It looks like they might get 100K in funding to try and launch the platform. He’s going to find out in the next week. I really hope he gets the cash because he’s been pushing the project for ages.

At work I got pulled from the projects I was working on because the brief from The Smalls arrived and we had to have the ideas with them by three o’clock. It was for some TV idents for Idle Man, a clothing company targeting fashion savvy men who can’t be asked to shop. The idents were to feature before and after shows like 8 out of 10 cats and Southpark. It ‘s been a while since I’ve had to focus hard for 5 hours solid to get a pitch deck out. I didn’t get my lunch until 4 so I guess the long sleep came at a good time. We got some simple but funny executions down. Maz (Ross’s wife and office manager) took the piss out my drawing ability on Instagram.

After we got that sent, we spent some time brainstorming some more ideas for a little video for Sony Pictures. They want a short post to celebrate the birthday of Breaking Bad. It's on the 7th of September, one day after mine.

That’s it for today. My evening plans got messed up so I’m trying to convince Charles to come and watch The Gift with me tonight. If he doesn’t I think I’m going to use the time to start another hidden page on my journal, a virtual reality blog. And then I’ll probably do some more reading before bed. I'm just about to finish ‘Winners ‘by Alastair Cambell.

I've also just found out I've made a total of 17p in affilaite sales this month. Someone bought a copy of How To Get Ideas. Whoever that person was, thank you! All I need is another 10,000 people like you and I'll be rich. I'm going to buy 17 gummy bears to celebrate.

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