10 Best Podcasts for Business 2017

1. Ricky Richards Represents 

Ricky Richards Represents is the weekly podcast of designer, minimalist and creative, Ricky Richards. Ricky talks to the leading figures of creativity and innovation based in London. The show aims to uncover how his guests got to where they are today in order that his listeners can follow in their footsteps.

2. The James Alturcher Show

James Alturcher is a multi time entrepreneur who has gone from having nothing to millions of pounds and loosing it all again. James reflects on his life experiences while talking to interesting guests about their businesses and their approach in life.

3. Tagline

Tagline is the podcast in association with AdAge. Each episode talks to key figures within the advertising industries to talk about topical issues surrounding all forms of client communication and successful business practice.

4. Mixergy

Mixergy is the daily podcast of host Andrew Warner. Andrew is a 'cut the shit' host and delves deep into the opporational practice of successful business owners. Andrew has an intensive pre interview vetting process and he talks real numbers with his guests.

5. This Week in Start Ups

This week in start ups founder Jason Calacanis, is one of americas best angel investors. He invites on a mix of both successful and up and coming technology founders to talk about there products and growth strategies. He also does a occasional round table where technology journalists join Jason to talk about the latest issues effecting the start up world.

6. Trailblazers with Walter Issaacson

Walter Issaacson is the writer behind a number of best selling books including the Steve Jobs auto biography. In his podcast Walter explores the rise and fall of some of the biggest businesses in the world, and the innovations that disrupted them.

7. How I Built This

How I built this is an NPR podcast which talks to the founders behind everything from top flight businesses through to music makers and directors exploring how they created these hugely successful cultural phenomenons.

8. Seth Godin Start Up School

Seth Godin is one of the worlds greatest marketers. In this podcast (Which he pre recorded years ago) he goes through all the steps to significance that creators will have to go through to create a successful business. Even though the content isn't new, it's still one of the best resources for people interested in business.

9. Recode Decode

Much like this week in start ups, Recode Decode explores the world of technology and start ups and talks with the founders and key figureheads to uncover the strategies and stories behind some of the best start ups and businesses.

10. The Gary Vee Show

Gary Vaynerchuck is a business entrepreneur and key figurehead of online digital media. He grew his reputation building his fathers wine business and has subsequently used his business savvy to build a creative agency which employs over 600 people in New York and London. The podcast pulls highlights from Gary excursions and speaking gigs which he performs all over the world and is chocked full with applicable advice.

Who have I missed on this list? I love podcasts so I'd love to hear your recommendations. Please comment below with your suggestions.

Ricky Richards