London & Q1: Reviewing my year goals.

At the end of last year I was ready to leave London. After 5 years being here I'd still yet to settle and find a group of people I enjoyed to spend my time with everyday. 

When I moved home, I genuinely attempted to find freelance work where I could work from Devon, but after returning from Barcelona and meeting recruiters, it was clear that I could get consistent work but only if I was to stay in London.

Since starting work at The Gate, I couldn't be happier. The ECD Beri Cheetham and CEO Jamie Elliott are really great leaders who are also really down to earth and lead by example on their no assholes policy. I've got roughly a month left to work there and I'm going to miss the team when I eventually leave. 

That being said, I am possibly going to VCCP afterwards, which will be another exciting chapter at another really great agency. 

This year was intended for me to do some traveling, but I've been somewhat reluctant. Part of me doesn't want to go without Natasha, and the other part of me just can't be bothered. I've tried to weigh up my experience in other places so far and I find it hard to work out what I've really learnt from my travels. Not to say I didn't enjoy going to these places but the thing I value most is learning, and it's arguable that I can learn more from books and experiments where I am, so I have been questioning the value of short term travel.

Enough of my ranting. I'm 1/3 of the way through the year so I feel it's time for me to review the goals I set out for myself at the start of the year.

Main personal work goals for this year..
1. Earn £1000 a month in reoccurring revenue via Creative Catalogue (Once it's finished)
I am currently not even close to this target. I currently only have have 6 paid members.

Sub work goals.
Work towards getting represented as a director.
There are a couple of film related projects at work that If I crack I can hopefully direct.

3. Start the book I've been researching for over three years.
Not made a start yet.

4. Sustain myself without having to get a full time job, even if I save nothing this year.
COMPLETE: I'm set to make enough money to sustain myself for the whole year of this single freelance contract so I've met this goal.

5. Make friends with 3-5 new high achievers.
COMPLETE: I've met Beri the ECD of The Gate, Jamie CEO of The Gate and Tim Lindsay CEO of D&AD. Not to mention I've met a tonne of other new people this year thanks to the choice to freelance.

Main play goals for this year.
Visit at least 5 places outside the UK that I haven't been to before and write about their respective cultures.
1/5 complete: I went to Barcelona. I'm also due to go to Greece to see Natasha. Natasha now wants to go to Paris for Christmas. Which means I need to try and get two more places in somehow.

Sub play goals.
Commit to a sports team and get back into surfing regularly.
I foresee I'm going to fail miserably with this one. However, I am gyming everyday
3. Hike at least 2 mountains with friends.
Have to book something soon.
4. Write at least 300 journal entries this year.
Way off, I'll have to up my game.
5. Interview 10 people who know a lot about stuff I no nothing about.
Got my first on the 11th and then hopefully be consistently interviewing people evry other week moving forward.

Main Contribution Goals.
1. Be selfless enough to receive 5 genuine thank you messages from strangers this year.

Sub contribution goals.
2. Start a small foundation fund to help a creative cause.
3. Run 5+ workshops
4. Give up meat two days a week.
5. Create a film that people will make people better for having watched it.
Failing on all fronts

I'm not even close to many of my goals for this year yet. I need to carve out some time this weekend to plan a few ideas to help me fulfil this list.

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