One A Day

Today has been a relatively uneventful day. I went swimming with Natasha this morning. She's a great swimmer and I'm practically incapable of staying afloat. I tried to get her to go under the cold shower after coming out of the steam, what proceeded was a her spinning round 360 having touched one spec of cold water and darting in the opposite direction. I found it funny.

The rest of the day I spent in Croyde in a coffee shop working on Creative Catalogue. I'm at the stage now where I'm just uploading thumbnail covers onto videos but because I'm finding the credits for every video it's taking me FOREVER! I've decided that to make my journal entry more interesting I'm going to attempt to upload one video to creative catalogue everyday and I'll share it in my journal.

Today I'm going to share the Documentary Ad by Stella Artois from Mother New York, called Up There. It's a doc about the art of hand painted billboards. Enjoy.

I also released another podcast episode today, titled: I Want To Be Rich. About a strategy I use in my life to continue to push forward and develop. You can listen to the full episode here:

I'm off to play basketball for the first time in years in a minute. I'm hurting from all the gym exercise I've been doing, especially my calves of all muscles so I'm going early to stretch. 

As I'm typing this I've just received an email from my friend Dom Storrs Fox regarding the logos I've been designing for him. As I expected he didn't like any of them. However he's given me some good inspiration based around illusions so I'm much more confident I can create something much better now. I'll have another crack of the whip tomorrow.