First football training session

This morning I finished my second pitch for the Smalls. Submitted the short film Bunga along with three other documentary ideas. Then I got some admin done. I chased the invoice for the cleaning of my bedroom in London so that I can get my deposit back, always a hassle. After that I went and signed up at the dentist and doctors. I've got my first dental appointment tomorrow in over 5 years, can't imagine that's going to go well. I went and sat in the first coffee shop in Braunton to open since Christmas and filled in all the paper work, as well as working on some sketches for a logo of a friend of mine.

After that I went to walk home and on route I popped into some charity shops. I found an awesome book of all the most beautiful places on the devon coast. It's called, The most amazing places on Britain's coast. As Ronseal would say, 'It does exactly what it says on the tin'. I paid £1 for the 2008 version, but the 2010 version is only three quid on Amazon. 

Not that it matters, it's not like places just vanish off the map.

After that I went home and worked some more on Creative Catalogue. I thought I was getting close with it but there's actually still quite a bit to do, and the internet in Devon is SHIIIIITE! Never the less, Bird by Bird, as Anne Lemott would say.

After that I went to Football training. I'm joining Braunton's 4th team. So the fourth worst team in a small village on the south coast of England, and I'm still probably the worst player. Nothing a few weeks practice wont fix I'm sure. Getting back into Basketball on Monday is going to be the entertaining one, people are going to expect me to be good. I highly doubt I will be.

That's my day, turns out I wont see Natasha until Friday, as she'll be dead on her feet tomorrow after coming back from America. At least she got some nice pictures of herself in a sparkly dress, I know she'll be happy about that. She does look rather lovely.

I'm Just about to type up some more notes from Tim Ferris's Tools of Titans. I can hardly keep my eyes open but it's hardly brain taxing.