I nearly forgot to do my Journal entry today so I'm rushing it out so that I can continue to read.

I've had a highly productive day. It's new years day so there's no much to do so i've had very little distractions. I recorded and uploaded two podcasts. Added 4 more sections to Creative Catalogue (6 to go) and got a long run in on Saunton.

I also managed to organise my pinboard in my room so that now I have a legitimate space above my desk to map out my plans like some kind of evil genius.

This evening my mom and sister returned from their time in the midlands. I went round to read to my sister before bed. She's been reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and she's getting really good at reading. I read the BFG to her. We got to the bit where we find out that the bubbles go down not up and it makes them fart instead of burp. The giants call it Whizzpopping, which made Pixie (my 6 year old sister) laugh.

I was never read to as a kid, but I remember one of my teachers, in year three, reading the first Harry Potter to the class and being inthralled by the story. It's a moment I never forgot so i'm keen to give my sister those experiences. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy catching up on the stories as well.