Can I Get A 'Jobwitchu'

Looking for a wild 'Jobwitchu'

With thousands of graduates embarking London in search of an illusive position in advertising, only the brightest and best are offered positions.

When faced with the brief to get noticed in a crowd of people who’s job it is to stand out, it’s hardly an easy ask, but one that was valiantly matched by 2X year old Art Director Asa Bradshaw.

Just one week after the release of the blockbuster mobile game Pokemon Go, Asa Bradshaw saw an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and leverage it’s growing attention and interest among London’s best agencies.

Knowing that few would likely be prepared to push themselves outside their comfort zone, Asa decided to push his to extremes by dressing up as the franchise front man, Ash, and enter agencies in search of a wild ‘jobwitchu.’ 

Asa’s performance consisted of him entering agencies and enquiring with staff to see if they knew where he might find a ‘jobwitchu’. He admits that he got as many confused looking faces as he did selfie requests.

Anyone who didn’t get the joke was then handed a bundle of ‘rare candy’ along with a business card and told to get back in touch if they happen to find the mysterious Pokemon.

If asked who he wanted to see, he swiftly requested to see the gym leader, as we all know the best way to get your foot in the door, is to impress those at the top.

Just when we thought the idea couldn’t get any more ludicrous, Asa managed to slide in an element of ingenuity that would show the agencies he’s just as smart as he is brave.

Each card that he handed to agencies contained a unique link to a page on his website, with a personalised message to explain a little bit about him and his aspirations. If the odd chap dressed as Ash from Pokemon didn’t get their attention, the high converting tactic of a URL containing your name would be enough to impress even the most serious of Creative Directors.

The campaign, which consisted of one day of preparation and one day of execution resulted in Asa leaving with a bum bag full of contact information at some of the leading agencies in London. He’s done the hard work, he got noticed. Now he needs to convert, in his words, ‘nothing a Masterball wont fix’

Ricky RichardsComment