This is why I listen to podcasts.

I've been having a hard time recently, but not because of anything bad, actually the opposite, I've got an abundance of opportunity. I think this is the next progression from a first world problem, when the problem isn't even really a problem and yet it still causes you stress.

Thankfully, as if by magic, two podcasts have come to my rescue today. The first is about the Canvas effect, on Tim Ferris's podcast. This basically covers the theory of helping yourself by helping others. It's a segment from a book about removing the ego by Ryan Holiday and this really cut through for me.

The second podcast was 'The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard'. The title of the podcast.. Opportunity Overload? It's as though he tapped into my brain and put together the perfect episode just for me. The podcast recommended you break down the opportunities into a list and give each a score out of 10 for these 6 key areas.

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Future Value - How will this bring value to you in the future?
  • Personal Development - How much will you develop as a result of taking this opportunity?
  • Lifestyle - How good will your lifestyle be as a result of taking each opportunity?
  • Emotional Wellbeing - Will you enjoy it, or will it be a drain emotionally?
  • Community/Family Impact - how will it effect your love ones?

This really helped me to clarify a few things moving forward and i'm a lot happier now that I've worked through this process and assessed my options.


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