Moving On Up, Nothing Can Stop Me!

"I've decided i'm going to make all my blog post titles lines from songs from now on."

I haven't written in my journal in ages. I've been so focused on getting everything done that I've not really had time to think. In the past month I've recorded an audiobook in Manchester (Do Storrs Fox audio, I highly recommend him) I've shot an online course that is pretty shit but I'll see how that goes. I've written approximately 15 articles and I've launched a creative bootcamp. All in all, I'm pretty exhausted. In many ways it's probably good that Natasha isn't around because she'd hate the amount of work I'm putting in at the moment. I was nice seeing her the other day though. She looked beautiful, I can tell she's been training a lo, she's in fantastic shape. I got a lovely snap of her.

I feel good about the effort I'm putting in though. I feel like I'm making a difference to some people. I gave a talk at Google the other day, and took part in a Behance portfolio review for Fabrik creative platfrom. Some of the email responses have been fantastic.

"It was so great to meet you last Thursday at creative portfolio review. I wanted say thank you for spending your time and share the valuable insight with us. I was inspired by your proactive approach of selling your design and importance of effective communication skill for clients." -Julie Im.

 I'm feeling creatively inspired again, even if it's not for my design and film work. I'm enjoying trying to create a personal brand, I'm just hoping that I'll be in good stead to become an independent creative from the start of next year. Everything seems to be on track for now. Hopefully I'll keep up doing my journal again.

Finally I'm reading two books at the moment: Money Master The Game, and Traction. Both are good reads. 

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