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Bird by Bird - By Ricky Richards

Random Shit Design Trend

Today I got up at 6am, and somehow managed to lock myself out my house on my morning run. In an attempt to not have to wake my house mates to early I went for an hour and bit run before returning so that I'd be waking them up at a reasonable time to let me into the house.

When I got to work I did a my Creative Wave about the design trend that seems to be hitting the world right now to combine random shit. The D&AD have launched their branding for the year and it's basically a combination of random images placed together with the chap of a pencil in the middle.

At work today we also got a sign off on some creative for Red Bull Music Academy that is also just a bunch of random shit cobbled together. I always get pissed off with trends and then next week I'll probably design a pumpkin riding a horse and cart pulled by an army of babies just to fit in with the random shit trend. 

This afternoon I managed to get Thursday off work to go and give a talk in Loughborough to 100 design students for Future Rising which should be good fun. Still working on the script for my audio book. It's going to kill me, but I'll be happy once I've done it.


Ricky Richards