Happy New Year!

This morning I got a few more segments finished on Creative Catalogue before meeting 10 of my friends to play five a side football. Great way to start of New Years Eve.

I came home and worked on getting up the scripts for two more podcasts episodes that I'm hoping to record tomorrow morning. Both of them are slight adaptations of the talk I gave at Bournemouth University last month. I'm looking forward to releasing them.

I also caught up with Dom Storrs Fox, a composer friend of mine living in Manchester. We spoke about a potential podcasting project that will involve us working together. We're going to do one episode as a tester including uniquely composed music and see if it's a goer.

I went and met some friends to watch Manchester United play before they travel back to London and New York. It wasn't on telly apparently, which I wasn't that disappointed about. We went and sat in our local pub and talked about business related things. Both of them work in the banking industry which I know very little about. I was firing questions at them and I made a list of what they said are the most traded things so that I could research them in my spare time.

  • Bonds
  • Interest Rate Swobs
  • Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Equities
  • Commodities

I asked them what they would do with their own money and they said EFT's - Equity trackers, (which basically is where they select a number of equities that reflect the biggest companies in any given market) and then hold them for 10+ years with a minimum of 10K invested. This is similar advice to what I read in Tony Robins book - Money Master The Game.  Although after saying that, he did say, but don't take my advice because I think the low interest rates in the UK are effecting things, so It's a precarious time to invest. Just goes to show even the people that do it day in day out have a hard time working it out.

I came home and I had a really severe migraine. I had a brain bleed when I was 21 and ever since then whenever I do high intensity sport, especially if I haven't done it for a long time, I get terrible head pain. I went to bed when I got back and woke up around 8pm, not feeling any better really. 

I spoke with Natasha (my gf) over Facebook and she's having a nice time in America at her friends wedding. The photos are starting to come through so I expect they'll be clogging up my feed for many days to come.

I'm going to Skype her at midnight to say happy new year. And she'll find me in my PJ's reading a book in bed. Otherwise known as living the dream. I've got to be one of the most boring 26 year olds, but It's what I'd prefer to do. I think I'll get a minor kick out of being productive tomorrow morning when everyone else is awaking from drunken and drug fueled comas.