2016 Review & 2017 Plan

misty saunton beach

Today I finished my pitch for popchips, Woop! Let's hope I get it as the money for it could feasibly sustain me for 6 months or more. I'll be sure to write it in my journal when I find out. I've got a couple more jobs to pitch on before the 4th so it's all systems go over the new year. 

I started the day by going for a run on Saunton at 7am this morning. It was incredibly misty.

I set up in Barnstaple to work and because I was drawing scamps for my storyboards I didn't have to concentrate much so I was listening to the Tim Ferris podcast in the background. I wrote down some of bullet points for how he looks to evaluate the year. 

  • Look over the whole year, review to see if it's been a good year, what did you wish you did more?
  • Write down 20% of people that gave you the most joy to be around.
  • 20% That gave you the least pleasure and vow to filter them out.
  • Write down a list of things you wish to accomplish over the year, work and play.
  • Schedule in the play at the start of the year. Otherwise you'll fill any gaps with work and wont find time to schedule in time to enjoy yourself.
  • Write a list of things you didn't enjoy doing, and focus on how to removing those activities.

So I'll give this ago, apart from mentioning names because I don't want to offend people.

My year in review.. These are the notable moments of my 2016...


  • Entered a short film competition.
  • Did a cocktail making course.
  • Met the executives from roughly 10 large production companies.
  • Went to London Zoo.
  • Ran the Bath Half Marathon.
  • Shot a promotional vid for Coppafeel with Russell Howard
  • Was a player in a celebrity boobball tournament
  • Gave a talk at Leeds Collage of Art
  • Gave a talk at Oxford Uni
  • Gave a talk in Bournemouth Uni
  • Tried Bigram Yoga
  • Tried park runs.
  • Recorded a personal branding course that completely flopped
  • Went to OFFset design festival in Dublin
  • Spoke at a Behance Portfolio review for Fabrik at Google HQ
  • Went on two stag do’s
  • Attended three weddings
  • Ran two advertising boot camps
  • Ran one Idea workshop at Ogilvy
  • Watched the pre launch of two films.
  • Went to the opening of my friends Film at W hotel
  • Got VIP access to an Adidas event on a rooftop in London
  • Went and watched England play at Wembley
  • Watched United play Leicester in the charity shield.
  • Went to Rome
  • Designed a film poster and book cover.
  • Visited York, Oxford, Cambridge, Bournemouth, Bath and Cheltenham.
  • Went white water rafting.
  • Watched Natasha in a showgirl show.
  • Moved to Devon to work on personal projects.


What 5 things did I enjoy most?

  1. I enjoyed visiting new places in the UK.
  2. I love directing so i'd like to do more of that.
  3. Podcasting is amazing to meet people and ask them all the questions I want to find out.
  4. Reading and writing everyday. 
  5. Comedy clubs.

What did I not enjoy?

  1. Having a full time job. While it was fun at times, I value freedom above everything else.
  2. London is awesome for work but it lacks real connection with people.
  3. Not going to enough events.
  4. Engaging in social media sites. I tried where possible to automate everything.
  5. Not seeing much of Natasha.

What do I want to do less?

  1. Speaking is fun, but only if the venue is good and I get paid. However, I've still got a long way to go to be good and 100% comfortable so I might have to suck this one up for a while longer. 
  2. Design work and websites. No one wants to pay much for design, and website projects never seem to end so I need to only use design for my own work or if people will pay my £350- £400 day rate. Plus it's service based so it's a treadmill. I need to focus on directing & concept work.
  3. Less time on the computer in general. I need to schedule my hours and stick to them.
  4. Drinking or any socialising that doesn't involve activity.
  5. Favours. I always agree to help people and it causes me unnecessary stress at times.

What do I want to do more of?

  1. Continue reducing all overheads so that I can focus all my efforts on larger projects that take time but that have some form of intellectual property and if successful can move me forward 10X.
  2. Join numerous sports teams for health and social benefits and start surfing again.
  3. Backpack more with Natasha, either uk or abroad.
  4. Continue Reinforcing my brand through writing, speaking, workshops, podcast and online products.
  5. Be more patient for 'great' opportunities instead of taking every 'good' opportunity.

Main personal work goals for this year..
1. Earn £1000 a month in reoccurring revenue via Creative Catalogue (Once it's finished)

Sub work goals.
Work towards getting represented as a director.
3. Start the book I've been researching for over three years.
4. Sustain myself without having to get a full time job, even if I save nothing this year.
5. Make friends with 3-5 new high achievers.

Main play goals for this year.
Visit at least 5 places outside the UK that I haven't been to before and write about their respective cultures.

Sub play goals.
Commit to a sports team and get back into surfing regularly.
3. Hike at least 2 mountains with friends.
4. Write at least 300 journal entries this year.
5. Interview 10 people who know a lot about stuff I no nothing about.

Main Contribution Goals.
1. Be selfless enough to receive 5 genuine thank you messages from strangers this year.

Sub contribution goals.
2. Start a small foundation fund to help a creative cause.
3. Run 5+ workshops
4. Give up meat two days a week.
5. Create a film that people will make people better for having watched it.

This is my best attempt at outlining my goals for this year. Goals always move and change. Who knows what might happen tomorrow but for now, these 15 points will give me a pretty clear indication of where to focus my energy going into 2017. I'll be sure to review my progress on the last day of every month.

New years eve tomorrow. 5 a side football in the morning, excited about that. Not so excited about the countdown, I'll be amazed if i'm still awake at midnight tomorrow but we shall see.