Things are coming together.

I've managed to get four idea ideas together to pitch for the popchips commercial. Create Catalogue is coming together and I was able to use the strategy descriptions to flesh out my deck. This is going to be an invaluable resource once it's finished and i'm really excited about getting it in the hands of creative professionals.

Most of today however I spent out with two of my friends, Sam Whitehead and Luke Quirk. We went to Valley of the Rocks for a short hike before traveling into Lynton for a cream tea. Most of our conversation was dominated by the talk of buying houses. Mainly how difficult it is without teaming up, but also how hard it is to realistically convince our parents of anything. We briefly spoke about the approach many Indian families have of everyone moving into a property to buy it before moving on once it's paid for. A great strategy and one we should no doubt try to employ among our social group, as we've all been friends for 20+ years without ever falling out. 

When I got home the conversation continued. I tried to convince my dad that he should convert his garage into an amazing mini living environment and then rent out his house and use the money to never have to work again.

We also spoke about how much he's realistically paid in insurance over the years. Tens of thousands he estimates. I suggested that it would make more sense, for the seemingly tiny chance of the house burning down, to instead have been putting all his insurance money into a diverse portfolio of stocks. Even if the worst case did ever happen, he could have expected for some of those bets to have paid off to the point where he could feasibly buy a new house. As he's been paying them for thirty plus years, I'd hate to think how much he could have earned if he was able to get compound interest on that money. 

When I got back I went to the gym. I did a two hour chest session. Ben, my friend who owns the gym gave me a pre workout shake, and I've since been practically gurning from the amount of caffeine. It's gone 10 o'clock and I've written this post as though I woke up an hour ago. Who knows how I'm gonna sleep tonight.

My focus of the day was getting the pitch for popchips done. I've failed on that, I'm 40% there, but I had an awesome day. I did lots of outdoor activities, getting back on the fitness, and I found out when all the football, basketball and other sports teams play so I can join the teams over the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to it. I suspect i'll be on this pre workout buzz for another hour or two so it's off to bed to read some more of Tim Ferris's book, Tools of the titans. 



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