FOBI Illustrations.

I worked on some really fun ideas at work today. I've planned a little publicity stunt that i'm hoping will come off in the coming weeks. I've started scamping up my concepts for the pedigree stuff which is going well. I also received the final illustrations for FOBI's new site from the super talented Perry Rowe todayPerry is a student with a tonne of potential. I think he's going to do great work and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future.

I'm keeping the post short today, I wont be posting over the weekend because I really want to get the personal branding course wrapped up and If I'm spending all day writing that, and then this In the evening, I'm going to go mental. I was debating going to watch Mission Impossible tonight to blow of some steam, but then you know even before you go it's going to be completely shite. Although I am looking forward to 'The Gift' which comes out next week. And also watching inside out with my sister next week for her birthday.

For those that haven't met my sister yet (Pixie Richards) this is me trying to turn her into Einstein: Link

Also, I've just got access to my Behance account again after 2 years of it being pretty much dormant. It's going to need a complete refresh with lots of link bait to try and get people on this site. Final thing I'll say. I restarted my Instagram today. I've decided to go colour which for those that know me will be a shock. I'm only going to be posting beautiful, simple design and ideas from now on. The first 9 pictures I posted went crazy. I got about 50 likes in the first 5 minutes so hopefully I can maintain that. A little taster below for you.

If you're not following me already, you can do so via the links below! Have a great weekend all and i'll do an in-depth recap on Monday.


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