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Don't Trust The Russians.

First day at my new job today. I didn’t head in until 11. Before I left the house I was working out my schedule for the day and I had a debate with Natasha as to whether to drink tonight at my friend’s birthday/engagement party. I didn’t want to, she did.

She won. Although she also pinky promised that if I drank tonight that she wouldn’t’ encourage me to drink moving forward and support my decision to try and be teetotal.

So with that, at the bottom of every post moving forward I’m going to put the number of days since I last drank as an incentive for me to keep it up.

On the way to work I was listening to the Tim Ferris’s Podcast. The show had Maria Popova on it. She runs a blog that I was unfamiliar with called ‘Brain Pickings’. It’s been going for 9 years and her advice was to only ever write for yourself, not an audience. She claimed that unless you write for yourself you wont maintain it. It’s better to be authentic and to gather an audience, rather than to try and do it by being false. That was reassuring to hear as I attempt to maintain this very narcissistic journal of my life.

The first day at work was fun. I was given the lowdown on the projects currently heading out the door, as well as what I’ll be working on to begin with. My first job is a speculative pitch for Pedigree Chum. This doesn’t sound thrilling, but it’s actually really nice. There is a tonne of potential and lots of heart-warming concepts to pull from the dog/human relationship. It’s been a while since I last had to do a bunch of concepts so I’m excited to get stuck in. I was also given a Happy Ending sketchbook, which is awesome!

Happy Ending Agency - Sketchbook

Happy Ending Agency - Sketchbook

We left work at 5 because Dan (the guy I’m replacing) was leaving after 4 years of working with Ross. We went to the 10 bells in Shoreditch. Ross made him play a bunch of funny quiz games in order to win his leaving gift. It was really nice and Natahsa joined to meet my work mates. She was really happy for me, and was saying how lovely everyone seemed when we left. We had to leave a little early because we needed to eat, and then get to Will’s engagement party at Soho house by 8.

Dan is leaving for Dyson - Good luck man.

Dan is leaving for Dyson - Good luck man.

As I was casually strolling up the road I looked at my watch, which said 6 o’clock and I said to Natasha that we had plenty of time. She then informed me it was actually 6:45, and my wind up gold watch from the USSR had stopped. Lesson: Don't trust the Russians.

At this point I started getting a bit stressed. I hate being late. And we’d attempted to get into Dishoom, the curry place in Shoreditch, only to find out there was an hour wait for a table. We ended up eating in The Rivington. The food was awesome, but Natasha was pissed at me for rushing her. It was already nearly 8 by this point.

Posh Nosh - But we ordered burgers :) + my stopped watch.

Posh Nosh - But we ordered burgers :) + my stopped watch.

Natasha's dont rush me face.

Natasha's dont rush me face.

After flying back to Camberwell to change, we called an Uber. AKA...The Death Machine. Why is every Uber driver a bit shady and compelled to drive a million miles an hour? Only to then spark up a conversation with you in the last minute in an attempt to get a 5 star rating. It’s quite funny really. Thankfully however, Lewis Hamilton got us to the party by 9:15. Only an hour late, so it worked out for the best.

Will, for everyone’s information, is William Fowler. He’s the creative director at Headspace (the meditation app) in LA. He’d thrown a bash in London to celebrate the big news, his 35th birthday/engagement to Kristen. Who is an awesome, american furniture maker. I know Will because we used to work at State together. A start up run by Alex Asseily (Google him) and he’d been somewhat a mentor for me ever since. He hooked me up with the advertising world and I’ve always said I owe 90% of any of the success I’ve had in London down to Will.

We Bumped into Kristen his fiancé outside and said hello. The party was nice. We got chatting to a few people who we hadn’t seen since Will’s birthday last year. The first round of 2 drinks came to £15, which helped Natasha come round to me being teetotal much faster. We left around 11:30 to try and have 1 drink together privately before Natasha hap to leave tomorrow. Everywhere was closed, we got drenched. We were tired, cold and wet so we headed home.

Eventful Friday!

PS - This post took me far to long I've got to half the size of them.


Quote of the day

Human beings are works in progress who accidently think they’re finished.

– By some guy referred to on the Tim Ferris podcast.

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