Happy Ending

Lets start with the best news of today. Ross from Happy Ending called and he’s allowing me to work part time while I study. This is a great result because I really resonated with what Ross was trying to accomplish. If it means I can be producing great work while I’m learning then I’m over the moon. I’m heading in to meet the team on Friday to get a lowdown on what I’ll be working on.

The rest of today was a little less productive than I had planned. I was due to meet Conor, my developer friend, at the studio he works from in Hackney Wick. He works with the guys from the Colophon Type Foundry. Their work is awesome and I’m excited to meet them at some point. However, time went to fast and we ended up missing one another.

 Colophon Foundry Work

Colophon Foundry Work

One thing I did manage to do was select my second pair of reading glasses. This is quite an event for a designer because you really scrutinise every last detail. In the end I decided I’ve already got quite a slick sophisticated pair so I thought I’d brave it and get a pair that was a little creative and quirky.  When they arrive, I’ll be sure to post a comparison.

The last thing I did yesterday was put together a post of the 10 reasons why I’m likely to turn down a job. This is primarily due to the high number of favours I get asked to do. I needed some way of explaining to people why I can’t do it without typing it out every time. Finally, Natasha arrived yesterday which obviously took up the rest of the day. She’s promised she’ll look over my post before I post it, so when she’s done that, it will go live.

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