Child Sexual Abuse - Share Your Truth


Concept: highlight that even successful people often have hidden secrets. This execution was intended to show that sometimes we have hidden secrets from a young age but that it's good to bring the truth to light.


Concept: The concept was based around myths, often times victims of child abuse aren't believed, and in this idea we'd show that we know how victims feel by having the message come from mystical beasts.


A simple photo execution that shows an innocent child that has been abused. The line, you can't change what happened but you can change what happens next, highlights that by coming forward you can stop children from suffering the same abuse in the future.


Simple statistical add that highlights the fact that one in 20 children are victims of abuse. A paper chain with one single figure that is disfigured and crinkled highlights the effects of abuse on a person.


Very few people come forward to talk about their abuse, but for those that do, they also help to change the future for those who aren't prepared to come forward.


Executional idea that would increase the size of the message the more people chose to donate and bring the truth to light.


There are certain days in our lives that stay with us forever. Positive experiences are one, but as are negative experiences and in this execution we show that we're hear to listen about those days you remember but would rather forget.


Some things aren't meant to go together. In this eye catching execution, I'd find words that shouldn't go together to highlight that child and abuse should never be put together.


We're all ears was an execution to highlight that we're hear to listen to your truth and take action.


Lines which are set up to sound like jokes reveal the truth of the matter.


When we come together to talk, we can reveal the sneaky and darker side of child sexual abuse.


An installation piece that would show a broken box with artificial blood around it to highlight the way people feel about child sexual abuse, but only through talking about it can we actually solve the problem.


A family fortunes style execution that shows the real truth about child sexual abuse.


Misleading lies that reveal the real truth upon second inspection. This comes from the idea that people often put up a front but that there's a hidden past.

Ricky Richards