Volkswagen Design Brief Concept

When you work in advertising you're given a brief and tasked with coming up with ideas to sell the product benefits. In this execution I wanted to use the creative brief and run it as the ad itself. If for example, we were asked to promote a new Volkswagon Golf GT, most of its features would be best in class, so the brief would read 'we need to communicate that the Golf is the most powerful car in it's category' 'it has an unparalleled warranty guarantee' etc etc. Whatever the product benefits are. We'd make sure to display them in a way that looks as though it's simply the brief to the agency. The line would then just be.. So good it sells itself. Because you would attach the agency name to the ad as well (because we're trying to make it look authentic) it would double up as great promotion for the agency.

Ricky RichardsComment