Alternative Tube Map Experiments

People love the London tube map is. To be fair it is pretty good. But I don't think it's impossible to make better. Even if it had a facelift in the Style of Masimo Vignelli's subway map then I think it would look better. I wanted to create a map that was for visitors to the city who use the map without taking geographic location, into consideration. They just want to get from A to B in the simplest way via the tube. For a while I was experimenting with completely new ways to create the map. Working out alternative systems that might be easier to navigate. Obviously from looking at the maps initially you might not think it is because you're used to the old one. Admitidely it's pretty difficult to create something that works. I'd be interested to finish this at some point but I think this would be a good project to collaborate on with someone on because it's quite taxing so it would be good to have another designer to bounce off. If you're interested, get in touch.

Ricky RichardsComment