About Me

Where Am I From?


I'm was born in Barnstaple, but grew up in Braunton on the South Costs of Devon in the UK.

What Has Been The Most Influential Moment In Your Life?

Student From Worcester University

Being told I' had a brain bleed when I was 20 years old. I thought that I may die and I got to see many unwell people in hospital as a result. It changed my outlook forever and I vowed never to waste time again.

Is Your Real Name Richard Richards?

everyone I've ever met 

My actual name is Ricky-Lee Richards. I have a hyphenated first name but I don't use it because Ricky Richards has a better flow.


Who Are Your Role Models In Advertising?

My favourite Ad man of all time is George Lois. He's old school but he's got serious chutzpah. I've always been a big fan of no bullshit, passionate bald guys and hopefully I'll turn into one in my old age. 

Do You Need To Be Good At Design To Be An Art Director?


There are definitely people in advertising who can't draw at all, but it certainly helps to be able to work up your designs. One of the biggest challenges you'll face as an advertising creative is trying to translate your vision and having adequate design skills to show off your ideas is arguably the best way to do that.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Big Vs Small Agency? 


Most big agencies suck your life dry. Despite that they do also provide the greatest potential if you're prepared to wait in line to get your hands on the best briefs. Smaller agencies don't have as much potential for credibility building, but you do get a lot of work out the door and you have to be much more hands on. If your portfolio needs a boost, smaller agencies are the place to get a lot of work out in a short time.


What Is The Best Platform For Creating A Portfolio.


Assuming you have no coding ability, I would recommend Squarespace. It provides the most flexibility and is extremely intuitive to use, far easier than Wix, Behance Pro Site or Word Press.

Are There Any Other Alternative Site Building Platforms?


Two other great platforms are Fabrik.io and Persona.co. Fabrik is what I use for showcasing my Portfolio and Persona.io is great for creating a holding page with links to your information. 

Who Are Your Favourite Designers Of All Time?

Paul Rand. Anyone who can charge £100K for the next logo is a boss in my book. Also Dieter Rams, if all you learnt was to apply his 10 design principles then you'd be 10 steps ahead of most designers. 


What Books Would You Recommend To Improve Your Outlook On Money? 


Three books. 4 Hour Workweek, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Money Master The Game.


What Is The Best Way To Become Wealthy As A Creative?


You're in the wrong game if you want to be rich. But the best way to earn a lot of money long term is to  work on creating assets. I.E. projects that build credibility while also creating a reoccurring revenue. I refer to these as the 5 tiers of asset accumulation and you can learn more about them in my Audiobook.

What Is Passive Income?


Passive Income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain. You create passive income by creating assets that other people consider valuable. My first ever passive income stream was a typeface I converted at Uni called Suave. I make roughly $50 a month in sales from it for doing nothing. 


What's The Best Way To have Ideas?

If you're working in an environment where you have to have ideas fast then I think it helps to have stimulus. I often use books with tried and tested strategies, or I go through my Pinterest board and look for interesting connections. The best ideas however, come from cramming your brain with all the information you have access to on a particular subject and letting it ferment in your brain and come out naturally. We rarely have the luxury of time in a work environment but you can make the most of in your own time. 

How Do You Remember All Your Ideas?

I'm a prolific sketchbook keeper. I've been collating all my ideas in sketch books since I was about 15 and now I have around 30 books filled with interesting scamps. I'd love to exhibit them one day. I use the light dotted Leuchtturm sketchbooks. They're much better than moleskins in my opinion. And I use a 0.8mm Uni-Ball Pen. Nice and thick so my ideas stand out.

What's The Secret To Having Great Ideas?

Look for inspiration in unusual places. Popular culture by nature is 'popular' and hence it influences everyone. Be aware of it, but I recommend looking for inspiration in other places where you're likely to cultivate different insights and ideas as a result. 


What Kind Of Films Would I Like To Create?


I'd love to create very deep films with hidden narrative elements like Inception, Primer, The Exam, Interstellar, Pi and Looper etc.

What's The Best Way To Get Into Film Making In London?


There is a company called 'The Smalls' that have been around since 2006. They help filmmakers create, share and connect in the industry. They don't have the biggest budgets, but they do have an abundance of briefs for aspiring filmmakers to pitch on which is where I would start if I was trying to build out my portfolio.

How Did You Get Into Film Making?

The desire to create TV Ads was one of the main reasons I got into Advertising. I quickly discovered they rarely come about and even when they do you're lucky to be the creative team working on them. Instead I hooked up with a friend called Jack Benson and I spent a year burning through my savings to make films. Nearly a year later I was flat broke but I'd had some of the best creative experiences of my life. 

How Will The Bootcamp Work?

Day 1: is about understanding how to be a better creative. This involves a lot of strategy for getting your ideas made. It's a no bullshit approach where I teach you everything you'll need to know to navigate the advertising hierarchy and giving you the tips and tricks to help you get more work out the door.

Day 2: is very much focused about you as an individual. How to up your game on the personal branding front along with tailored action steps of things you should be doing to make progress.

After the event you'll have access to me to bounce around ideas and refine your work. And Future Rising will do their bit to get you the opportunities you need. 

The three days combine, talks, you taking action, and a lot of questions to help you get to the core of what it takes to break through in the creative industry.

Who Is Your Favourite Actor?

I've got a few... Probably Edward Norton tops it for me. I just like him, he's not in loads of films but everything he is in is awesome especially American History X and Fightclub. I'd put DiCaprio in there as well. I can't think of many actors who have been in amazing films year in year out like DiCaprio. Other favourites are Christian Bale, though I get the Impression from his rants that he's a bit of a dick. And DeNiro in the early days, non of this family film bullshit that he's in nowadays. Bring back badass DeNiro that's what I say.


What Kind Of Business Would You Like To Start?

I'm still on the look out for what I think is the perfect business for me. But what I do know is it wont be a service business. I always recommend where ever possible to avoid creating a business where you have clients and there are subjective factors that may result in you loosing business and hence you being back at ground 0. Products are much more interesting because you can build momentum and the more you sell the more money you have to market your product. Your job is really only about bringing value to your customers in those circumstances and that's the way i'd like to go in business.

What's The Most Important Thing To Consider When Starting A Business?

Systems. Always build your business to scale and run without you necessarily being at the helm. the best book for learning more about this is the E-Myth

What Are The Most Important Character Traits To Have As A Business Owner?

Patience, because it takes years to establish a business. Vision, because without it the team has no direction. Brazenness because opportunities rarely appear out the ether and you need to have the confidence to go after them. And lastly, street smarts. You've got to understand people and their motivations for taking action. My audiobook is quite good for explaining these points in more depth.

Creative ADVERTISING Bootcamp

Is It £300 Each Or £300 Per Creative Team?

By Maddie Hartley

It's £300 per person for the weekend. This includes lunch and some drinks at the end of each day. 

How Many People Will Be At The Bootcamp?

By Maddie Hartley

We're aim to take on 20 students at each Bootcamp. However, we're picky to make sure we only take on the best applicants. We want each bootcamp to double up as a great networking opportunity for everyone. If that means taking on less than full capacity, we will.

Are We Able To Come As Second Year Students? 

By Maddie Hartley

You can indeed. In many ways it's probably better to come in your second year as it will give you one more year to apply the advice before you graduate.

You Do Know Students Haven't Got Any Money?

I completely understand if students are unable to cover the cost. I was there once. But the fact is if someone has the opportunity to sacrifice a handful of nights out at Uni for the opportunity to do something this, that will be the decision that ultimately separates them from everyone else.

Will Being In Our Second Year Affect You Helping Us Get A Placement?


Not at all. Obviously we wont be able to help you right away as you'll have one more year at Uni. But we'll stay in touch regularly over the course of the year so we can help you as soon as you graduate.

Is It Possible To Get A Discount?


Unfortunately not as we’ve got a number of overheads to set up the event, plus the time and prep for three of us to put it on. 

Also, we’re really looking for people to put skin in the game and show that they’re serious about making it in ad land. We’re pretty much offering a fast track into industry so those that get involved will definitely get their money’s worth.