Attend A workshop with Rick

I believe that creative freedom is the ultimate attainment any creative individual can achieve. With this in mind, I run two regular events that aid aspirational individuals in taking their careers and passions to the next level. See full event descriptions below or contact me for more information.


The Ideas Workshop helps aspiring creatives to break into the creative industry by improving their portfolio and showing them techniques to rapidly apply divergent thinking to any problem or brief. We aim to create 100 ideas in a day and cover the most up to date strategies that marketers and advertisers are using to gain mass attention today.

NEXT EVENT: 24/09/16

The Irreplaceable

The Irreplaceable is a two day bootcamp that aids seasoned professionals in honing their offering to become influencers in their respective fields. We look to leverage your abilities to take your career and potential to the next level. I cover all the tips needed to improve your personal brand as well as create opportunity and amplify earning potential.

NEXT EVENT: 19/11/16