Course Leader: Ricky Richards

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Bio: Worked in London for 4 years. I've been freelancing since about 16 years of age. I've work for hundreds of clients including many fortune 500 brands. I've worked at several design & advertising agencies including W+K AKQA & Ogilvy. I now work at Happy Ending, a smaller ad agency as well as working on my personal brand. 


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Bio: Over 9 years creative industry experience working in digital and mobile technology. In 2012, I worked at Mobext (Havas) where I delivered mobile and web apps for Adidas, L’Oréal and P&G. Whilst also making prototypes, running hackathons and workshops. Prior to this, I spent 6 years at the IAB, where I was responsible for all video content production. I want to provide everyone the inspiration and tools needed to land any job, regardless of their background


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Bio:  FutureRising identify the best talent for the creative, digital and technology industries. We work with uni’s including Oxford, Cambridge, Falmouth and Bournemouth as well as companies such as BBH, Quantcast and M&C Saatchi PR. We are the only company that identifies talent through the provision of careers advice.


Name: Christina Talamagka 

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Current Struggle: To find a job, after I graduate.

Name: Maddie Hartley

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Current Struggle: After graduation I am worried about getting a placement and then I worry about how long it will take to turn that placement into a job. As all ad students will be descending on London in June, I am worried about how I can stand out.

Name: Geneva Guerrieri

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Current Struggle: At the moment I'm a second year marketing communications student, I've already secured my industrial placement at HBO within their marketing team. My main concern is not being able to secure a job when I graduate due to me not having the skills the industry is currently looking for. A bigger concern is me not being able to get the job and salary I feel I deserve. When I attended Ad Week Europe, many industry professionals fear that new graduates just don't have the right set of skills the industry needs. I've invested a lot of time into my career by studying for professional industry qualifications along my degree as well as attending networking events and work experience roles. I'm still worried that I'm either not doing enough or I'm not doing the right thing that will lead me on a path towards a successful career. 

Name: Oneikeh Campbell (Neeks)

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Current Struggle:  I am currently a single creative, who enjoys doing both copy and art direction, I enjoy photography, script writing and painting. Most agencies are traditional prefer teams of two. Is there room for a hybrid creative who just wants to produce ideas and make unique ideas rather than be pigeonholed?

Name: Harriet Shaw 

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Current Struggles: I'm in my 2nd year of uni and meeting lots of different people. Many of whom are at the same level and we'll all be competing against each other for placements and jobs. I feel like I need a head start on them all, to make myself and my partner stand out from the crowd.

Name: Asa Bradshaw

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Creative Struggles: If there is any real chance of being taken seriously as a single creative, and how much I have to rely on somebody else to get jobs as a creative team.

Name: Jessica Bradley

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Creative Struggles: I've been job-hunting for a while now and if I get interviewed, the feedback is always that I'd be a good fit personality-wise but I just 'don't have enough experience' - in integrated/digital/generally. I've tried finding a partner, doing spec work, keeping a blog running and have 3 weeks left on Squared Online's Digital Marketing course, to try and boost my CV but nothing seems to be cutting through the competition!

Name: Rebecca Sweet

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Creative Struggles: Poor pitching/communication skillsPortfolio not up to standard. Direction not established

Name: Yen Chan

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Creative Struggles: How to get into advertising industry, how to get a full time long term job, how to get noticed and get paid more, when to change companies, when to change field, when i get old would i become useless in my field? should i have a plan b.

Name: chrissie Butcher

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Creative Struggles: How to transition from production designer in advertising to a creative, finding a copywriter to work with, whether I will have to start my career from scratch.