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How To Create A Great Portfolio

How To Create A Great Portfolio

10 Suggestions for improving your portfolio.

1. Use Your Name

Why: Because it's 'your' biggest asset.


2. Photography

1. Make sure you have high res imagery on your site.
2. No cringe, smug profile shots.
3. Try where possible, to make your image congruent with your aspirations.

3. Short Project Descriptions

1. The idea should be able to be summed up in one line.
2. Exception - If the idea has been created you can use, Idea, Execution, Result (or similar terminology)
3. If you have a strategy for implementation, that can be longer but make sure it's clearly marked.

4. There's Scamps, Then There's Shit Mock Ups.

1. Make sure they communicate the idea in a simple and attractive way.
2. There's a million tutorials online, if you can't be asked to make your own site look good then why would you for the company.

5. Don't Have Confusing Navigation.

1. Don't try and be fancy with your navigation, it will reduce your click rates

6. Test.

1. If you want the best results for your website, you should test it. Use Hotjar.

7. Personality.

1. Make sure your website is a reflection of your personality and not just some generic site.

8. Stories.

1. Make your story compelling, not overly long, but remarkable. Try and make the stories validate your expertise.

9. Stop Being Modest.

1. Your website, is the only place you've got full authority to talk about your greatest achievements.

10. Validation.

1. Clients  
2. Agencies  
3. Education  
4. Testimonials

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