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Creative assets for key people of influence

There are a select number of assets that you can create that provide disproportionate amounts of leverage. I call these 'Life Assets' because they help you to progress in life. They don't necessarily make money, but often the bi product of possessing these assets is that your earning potential increases. The beauty of life assets is that anyone can create them with no resources. The more creativity and time you put into producing these assets, the more likely they are to deliver results for you in return. 

Ricky Richards
A strategy in expanding and maintaining your network

Building a network is an essential component of becoming successful in life. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This posts provides some suggestions to create a powerful network while maintaining a secure base of contacts for your future.

Ricky Richards
Advertising Pitch Presentation Techniques

Advertising pitch decks are typically made of three constituent parts, the imagery, the text and the reference links. This post takes you through some of the techniques I've picked up for creating effective decks for winning pitches.

Ricky Richards
Considerations in human influence.

When we’re trying to get what we want in life, it helps if we understand the desires, biases and triggers of others, especially those human truths that remain consistent from generation to generation. Understanding these areas unlocks the secrets to effectively navigating social scenarios and helps you to achieve your desired outcomes while also becoming aware of others goals and motivations.

Ricky Richards
How to set and achieve any goal.

We all have goals we want to achieve. But what is the most effective way to accomplish your goals? Below are some steps that will help you to accomplish any goal you set out to achieve.

Ricky Richards
How To Use Social Media

Brands are often the worst culprits for delivering awful social media content. I'm not sure if to blame the brands or the agencies. Nevertheless, these are a few basic principles that if applied, could significantly improve the state of social media content for all brands.

Ricky Richards
Creative Passive Income Using Behance

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t help but get a little excited the first time you read the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ or ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Being told by someone who’s made it that it’s possible to be successful without being nailed to a desk from 9–9 every day is quite a revelation.

Ricky Richards