The work of famous WW2 poster artist, Abram Games


Naomi & Abram Games

Abram Games, who was born in Whitechapel, London, on the 29th of July 1914, and passed away in 1996. 

He was most well known for his huge body of iconic posters. Most notable of which, were created when Abram was appointed by the British government as the ‘official war poster artist of WW2’ where he created over 100 posters, with many going down in design history,

On top of this,  he also worked for some the biggest brands in the world, as well as creating many un-commissioned pieces that looked to provoke and inform the masses about meaningful causes.

His work has inspired people like me, and no doubt many others to pursue the art of design and aspire to the principles to which legends like Abram upheld.

To talk us through her father’s amazing story and to answer many of the questions I have about this great man, I welcome, his daughter, Naomi Games.


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