How can I increase traffic to my website?


Why do I want increase traffic to my website?
To have more people see my work?
Why do I want more people to see my work?
To increase peoples awareness of me
Why do I want to increase peoples awareness of me?
So that I can get bigger and better opportunities and charge more.
Why do I want bigger and better opportunities and to charge more?
So that I can live an exciting life and feel financially secure.

Getting more trafic

1. Pay for Google ad words.
2. Put my website address in every post on Pinterest.
3. Make sure all my projects on Behance have a click through to my website.
4. Create more ever green posts.
5. Write my 5 ideas a day post every day.
6. Improve SEO, Tag everything.
7. Have other keyword rich domians divert to my website.
8. Get more features on high traffic websites.

Getting more people to see my work

1. Publish more on Behance
2. Do a self promotional portfolio outreach
3. Try and get featured in magazines and online blogs
4. Enter competitions
5. Get portfolios on other sites like dribble.
6. See if I can become a featured artist on Fabrik
7. Self publsih my own zine
8. Do some street art
9. Collaborate with some notable artists

Getting Bigger Opportunities

1. Reach out to the founders of festivals and speaking events
2. Concentrate on doing more quality work
3. Publish a book that I can use to validate my expertise
4. Get to know more notable individuals
5. Create my own platform that has the potential to grow (event or podcast)
6. Learn more so that I'm ahead of my peers.
7. Be very selective over the work I do and only do things to the highest level.

Living and exciting life and feel financially secure.

1. Reduce my daily outgoings so that I'm able to have more in the bank.
2. Embrace habits of thinking about financial decisions and instinctive wants rather than needs.
3. Encourage the gifts from others to be things I can use and therefore save me money.
4. Go on more holidays
5. Take on hobbies that I really enjoy
6. Set aside time to do sport every week, and prioritise it.
7. Do a sport that doesn't cost a lot so your living an exciting life while saving money.