Ways To Increase My Podcast Listenership

Idea 1: Reach out to better established guests with huge followings.
Idea 2: Contact 50 podcasts to see if any of them will feature me on their show to cross pollinate.
Ideas 3: Write to all the journalists who have written articles about podcasting and let them know about my show.
Idea 4: Experiment with paid Facebook or Instagram advertising or google ad words.
Idea 5: Contact people who have recently published films or books to see if they'll come on the show.
Idea 6: Partner with a reputable website who can get access to top quality guests.
Idea 7: Hire someone to do outreach for the show.
Idea 8: Pay some notable figures to be on the show that I can use as leverage.
Idea 9: Look at all my favourite podcasts and write down the guests who have been on their shows and see if they'd be interested in being on mine.
Idea 10: Outreach to tech writers and editors and just let them know about the show on the off chance they feature it.