How can I Streamline My Podcast?


Why do I want to streamline my podcast?
To save time.
Why do I want to save time?
So that I can do more.
Why do I want to do more?
So that I feel productive.
Why do I want to feel more productive?
So that I don't beat myself up for feeling lazy

Ideas for streamlining my podcast..

1. Ask holly if she'll upload episodes to Soundcloud
2. I could ask questions off the top of my head instead of planning them.
3. Pay someone to add the show notes.
4. I could do shorter episodes.
5. I could have people record the answer to questions like Tim Ferris.
6. I could be typing show notes directly onto the website while listening to the edited episode.
7. I could create a better questions template.
8. I could get guests to come to me to record.
9. Do episodes in 1 take with no editing.
10. Record multiple episodes in a single day.
11. Have regualar guest slots on a consistent basis for good guests.

*Question: Ask Jack how he promoted the episode as he got a lot of listens

Ricky Richards