Hello, welcome to my site.


Thank you for stopping by my digital home. You'll find out more about me, links to all my continued endeavours as well as quotes from those who motivate and inspire me.

After graduating in design and multimedia, I spent several years honing my craft in London’s leading ad agencies where I created campaigns and award winning ideas for countless fortune 500 companies. Thanks to these experiences I've developed a keen interest in business and future technologies that inform my work to this day.

I continue to work as a creative and consultant while experimenting on an eclectic mix of projects across all areas of business, technology and visual communication. I also pursue a number of self driven projects including a weekly podcast, talks, workshops, monthly newsletter and several online tools.


'Ideas come from curiosity.'




Ricky Richards Represents is the podcast where I talk to the leading figures of creativity, business and innovation. Since starting the show in early 2017 I've had countless leaders, influencers and pioneers from various industries share their actionable insights with me. The show is recorded in central London at Factory.UK - You can subscribe to the show via ItunesStitcher or Spotify. 


'Think big, start small.'



Principles & Ideas

I'm a firm believer in establishing core values and guiding principles.  With this in mind, I've begun to document concise breakdowns of principles that I pick up over time. These principles form my understanding on a number of topics and I'm constantly adding and evolving them as my understanding develops. You can receive my latest principles directly to your inbox by subscribing to my newsletter. 


'Have courage.'



Talks & Events

I endeavour to appear at several speaking engagements per year. I speak about all aspects of creative practice from positioning and personal branding, through to idea generating and the deeper strategic and philosophical approaches when working in design and business. I also run a number of workshops and am actively involved in a number of initiatives to help young or under represented people enter the creative industries. If you have an upcoming event or workshop and would like me to attend, please contact me at hello@rickyrichards.com


'Design makes a product useful.'



Free Tools & Resources

Below are some of the cheat sheet resources I've created that you can access for completely free. The resources are very often useful tools or condensed versions of the many books I read on a number of subjects. Please note, that by downloading these resources, you will be automatically added to my mailing list, where I will notify you of any other free resources I make available.


'Wiser, never wise.'



Audio Blog

90% of my podcast episodes are with people who I admire or feel I could learn from. However, now and then I'll find myself explaining theories or experiences from my own life that I feel people could benefit from. When this happens I attempt to condense this learning into an easily digestible audio post. Subjects like how to overcome anxiety, the pursuit of happiness and the influence of inputs, are some of the most popular.


'Stay hungry, stay foolish.'



Mail List Archive

You can email me at hello@rickyrichards.com or follow me on Instagram for live updates of my daily activities. Finally the Move Me Mailing List is my attempt at creating the worlds best monthly newsletter. It contains links to all the great stuff I've uncovered each month including videos, links to useful websites as well as any opportunities I've found. You can subscribe here or enjoy the archive below.