Ricky Richards

Having spent several years honing my craft at London’s leading advertising agencies (including AKQA, Ogilvy and Wieden + Kennedy) where I provided campaigns and award winning ideas for clients such as Nike, Coke, Virgin, Adidas and Samsung to name a few. I now work as a freelance designer and director, business consultant and creative course leader.  I also continue to work on an eclectic mix self driven creative projects and contribute to the industry through speaking engagements, essays and industry articles, as well as leading numerous creative workshops and hosting a regular podcast where I interview the leading figures of creativity and innovation. If you wish to work with me or have any other questions you can contact me via the link below.


”I saw Ricky talk at Oxford Uni, giving students the inspiration, tips and knowledge that makes all the difference when it comes to realising their ambitions. He’s a natural presenter and conveys his enthusiasm in a way that’s impossible to not feel inspired by.”
— Jeremy Garner, Author & Jury At Cannes & D&AD
“The insights Ricky provided in applying creativity in advertising will have inspired many to pursue their dreams of working as creatives, whilst his advice on building a personal brand will have a lasting impact on how they face the world moving forward.”
— Hugh Lailey, careers advisor at Oxford University

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The Branding Shameless Guide is a free video series which covers 25 strategies you can implement to establish your personal brand. 

Discover how to how to establish yourself as a leader in your field as well as build a small but loyal following of 1000+ fans that engage with your work and sustain you financially.



Live Life Or Die Trying explains my turbulent journey into solopreneurship and unveils all the actionable insights I've discovered along the way. 

I talk about my experiences with anxiety when entering the creative industry and how I subsequently structured my life to live freely and flourish as an independent creative.


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